What Strong Mom I Would Like To Be (By Min Huang )

From: Min Huang Date: 4/27/2012

character was influenced by three strong women, his mother, grandmother and wife, especially his mother. At Q&A session, a mom expressed that child having a strong mother sometime might not a good thing such as strong mother like Tiger mom.

Bonnies seized the moment and shared her view on this question. She understood parents so well that her answer hit the point. I wouldn’t want to spill the beans here as you will read Bonnie’s comment in the event report soon.

What I have learned about the influence that Obama’s strong mother on him is that rather than controlling, she instilled his son with strong value and helped his son build strong mind.

Here, I would like to share my humble view on “What strong mom I would like to be?”

I would like to grow myself to be a better person before I would become a better mom;