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PCE Club - Role of Artisitc Talent in College Admissions


On the evening of June 14, 2008, the PCE Club successfully held its 58th event in the Asian Culture Center with a theme of "the Role of Artisitc Talent in College Admissions". It was our honor to have Ms. Sharron Liu and Ms. Emily Cui to come to address this appealing topic, which attracted so many parents and teenagers' interest and attention. It was our regret that several parents had to be kept outside as it exceeded the limit of the maximum # of people allowed in the location. We appologize for the incovenience caused to these people. But we also urge our friends to register in advance for our future events just to ensure your seats.

Our kids talent show featured Patrick Lin, Jennifer and Tina Wang to showcase their fabulous piano performance. Though not as many as usual performers were present, the show, however, by all means was excellent as usual or even better. We enourage more children to step up to our club's stage where they always have the best audience, their parents and friends.

I would like to thank Mr. Ming Xu for having organized and hosted the event. He is our new volunteer officer but has already done much, particularly in trying to help to raise fund for the club. His efforts are much appreciated.

Our next event (59th event), annual outdoor picnic, will be held on July 12. Our EVP, Mr. Dennis Wu, will be the leading organizer. More info will be followed. Please stay tuned.



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