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PCE Club - Report on the 52nd Monthly Event

2007/12/08 星期六 6:30pm-9:30pm


敦親睦鄰,守望相助 -家庭欢乐夜圆满结束

父母子女俱乐部52次活動� 敦親睦鄰,守望相助�已於12月8日在超过20餘個家庭, 70 多位家長和小朋友们的参与中欢乐度过.

節目由俱樂部會長張颖婷簡短對今年的回顧以及明年的展望報告中揭開序幕, 在一家一菜满桌豐富菜肴饗宴後,接著一連串盛誕歡樂節目在俱樂部的家長和兒童精彩表演中順序登場,不少小朋友即興上台表現唱作俱佳的現場秀著實贏得滿堂喝采.然後每月主題策劃人依其不同月份一一輪流對今年已完成的講座做一簡單扼要說明.三個多小時的歡聚在互相祝福身聲中道別,也期待明年再見.

俱乐部将于2008年1月12日举办第53次活动。请关注下周更详细的通知。活动时间:2008年1月12日,星期六,6:30-10:00pm; 地点:待定。报名费:会员免费,非会员每家$10。欢迎大家报名参加。有兴趣者可在网上注册。 电话联系: Simon Wang , Alison Zhang 。欲了解更多有关俱乐部的信息,请参阅俱乐部网站或注册我们的免费通讯录(电邮至 (Tiffany Chen)

Over 70 people, children and adults, gathered in Edison on the evening of December 8 to celebrate the club's 3rd annual Family Night. It also marked the 52nd monthly event that the club has organized since it was founded. The evening was filled with warmth, laughter, tasty food, musical performances and celebration of the achievements the club has made. We are looking ahead for a year with new challenges and more programs to accomplish.

One of the major features of the Family Night was the potluck. Each family brought over their own signature dishes which ranged from cold noodles in Korean style, to roast eggs, sauteed ribs, mixed veggies, Italian macaroni with meatballs, to sticky rice cake, sweet nuts soup, etc. So many varieties - you name it, we had it. Every dish was unique but just as tasty as the others. Many thanks to all the families who brought such delicious food.

Following the potluck was the group performances. In order to encourage more people to participate in this activity, the event organizers decided to have only group performances this time. The children sang several Christmas carols with three teenage girls, Priscila, Tiffany and Cindy, being the leading singers, violin and viola players. Amber Lin and Jaron Ge were the piano accompanists for "Silent Night" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" respectively. Other participants included but were not limited to Andrew
Wu, William Chen, Dennis Zhang, Stephanie Xiao and many other younger children whose names I can't recall. What needs to be noted is that for the first time 4 preteen boys (Dennis, William, Andrew and Jaron) performed Chinese SanJuBan (3 and 1/2 sentences) entitled "Good Behaviors". Although there was still much to be improved, they tried their best. I hope this is the beginning of a series of such performances in the future. It wouldn't be complete without mentioning the debut of some parents' singing.
They sang 2 songs: "the Jasemine Flowers" and "Bidding a Good-bye" (aka "ChangTingWai"). Under the directorship of Patty Huang, their performance was close to professional. All right, I am a little exaggerating. But it was really phenomenonal! For those children who performed, please come to the next event to get your award certificates.

The last but not the least is the power point presentation on the introduction to the new Helping Center given by Sandra Liu, the revisit to the discussed topics on the online forum by Angela Chiu, the review of the past 12 events by Cindy Yu, the summary of the past 52 events and the preview of the future programs by Yingting Zhang, and the call for sponsoring the PCE Club by Dennis Wu.

The Family Night was ended at 9:45pm. A big "Thank you" to the three event organizers: Tiffany Chen, master of the ceremony, Maggie Zhang, the potluck director, and Patty Huang, the music director. Their efforts are much appreciated. Many thanks also go to the many people who helped to make this event successful. Great team work!

Our next event will be held on January 12, 2008. The theme will be "how to build confidence for your child?" to be conducted by Mrs. Huang, an exmporary kindergarten teacher. The event organizers will be Simon Wang and Ms. Alison Zhang. Please stay tuned for more info.



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