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PCE Club - Report on the 51st Monthly Event


The PCE Club's 51st monthly event was very successfully held on Saturday, November 10, 2007 in the Asian Cultural Center.

The meeting began with Children Talent Performances. The children's performances were extremely enjoyable for the audience. The performances included piano-playing, singing, and storytelling. This was followed by the keynote speaker, Mrs. Maria Mastro.

Mrs. Mastro is a mother of four daughters who range in age from 5 to 13. Two of them have been diagnosed with special needs. She began with a speech regarding the
emotional impact of her children being diagnosed with special needs and her journey to acceptance by shifting the focus from the "brokenness" of her children to their strengths and valuable qualities. We then proceeded to have a roundtable discussion,
during which many in the audience asked questions regarding their children and shared parenting experiences. Mrs. Mastro, along with her husband addressed all of the questions raised by the audience and provided much valuable parenting insight.

--Kam Ferro


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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