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PCE Club - Report on the 40th Monthly Event


Dear friends -

Hope you all get ready to enjoy the holiday time! Before I get into the details of the event, I like to announce a few winners of the night selected by our volunteer judges:

Maggie Zhang for Best Dish Prize in Potluck Raelynn Li and Marvin Li, Amber Lin for Best Performance Prize Michelle Li, Amy Li and Amber Lin for Winning the Flash Back Contest Xie Fong is the Membership Raffle winner The 1st Timer PCE Club Children Program teacher � Xiaohui Zhao for the Best Teacher of the Night.

I wish you all had the opportunity to come to Asian Culture Center on the night of December 9, 2006. The hall is decorated with postcard pictures and holiday decors that Tiffany Chen and her family have prepared and made for PCE Club's 40th event � Family Night! On the big screen, the memory of the past events attracted the kids and adults alike. Looking back the past 4 years, the children couldn't believe their own eyes for what the screen had captured how themselves had grown with PCE. The pictures of the past 39 events have recorded the laughter and performance of the kids and parents.

Of course, there is the food. Potluck is always fun and delicious. We had a winner for BEST DISH PRICE � Maggie Zhang for her delicious house-made rice flour cake!! Maggie's rice flour cake is famous among her friends. Whoever had tasted her cake would always ask her for the recipe. Maggie Zhang is also a PCE officer and she had helped to shop for all the utensils and kids' performance goodie bag for the Night!!

The kids' performance was always a delight. To encourage the enthusiasm for better performance, PCE Club started to hand out goodie bag for each little performer. Children's memory of the PCE Club events was reflected in the drawings and powerpoint presentations. The children described a violin player and audience in their pictures.
Thanks for the ongoing efforts of Simon Wang, the PCE club website is now a great resource for researching PCE events and activities. According to the kid, the information gathered for the flash back contest was from the PCE Club website.

While Teacher Zhao gathered the 3-7 years old to their fun classroom, the parents listened to the introduction of 12 events by Yingting Zhang, the executive vice president of the Club, the online discussion summary by Angela Chiu, the leading online forum officer and the discussion about the House of PCE Club by Cindy Yu, the president of the Club.

Yingting did an excellent job in summarizing the 11 events in 2006. The PCE Club events covered sports, Indian culture, how to choose summer camp, emotional intelligence analysis and share, knowing your child, Ann Chao's who am I, Growing up with music by Demon Meng, camping and rafting, annual conference on raising an emotional intelligent child, and children's art education. These events were led by experts in the fields of summer camps, art education, music genius and leading children psychologist.

Angela has an excellent and very complete presentation on the PCE online forum. The mission of PCE Online Forum is providing a platform for member parents to exchange parenting experiences, thoughts and wisdoms and building a virtual "village" where parents and children can both grow, support and learn from each other. She stated the parenting goal is cultivating our children to become multi-talented, self-reliant, and balanced individuals. She iterated the goal using a sentence by Sin-Kie Tjho as intellectually diverse, mentally tough, physically strong, emotionally stable, socially well-adjusted, and morally upright. The online messaging numbers had increased rapidly from 2003 to 2006. She stated the messages in 2004, 2005 and 2006 were 388, 684 and 882 for online forum email exchanges.

Cindy updated the crowd about how the PCE Club is managed and what's the plan for 2007. PCE Club has accomplished impressive organizational goals in 2006. As a big family for the clubber and members, PCE Club had done:
- 12 high quality events in 12 months � amazing accomplishment in itself.
- 3rd Annual Conference was a great success in many ways.
- More than doubled the online forum ( discussion volume.
- Formalized the big family with approved non-profit organization 501(c)(3) and sale tax exempt certificate, successful corporate fundraising, streamlined and simplified the organization of the event through website, formalized member appreciation Card.

There are also a lot to expect in 2007. There will be a new president and board for the Club in later part of the year. Our web master will surprise us all - Simon Wang has been continuously improving the functionality of the website. There will be more rewarding experience for kids with an experienced teacher. For the programs, it will rely more on internal strength for event topics and speakers. Here are the
coming events:
January 13th - Panel discussion on Rewards and Behavior Management (or Punish)
February 10th - Teenager Night discussion
March 10th - Special Children Needs
Others, in addition to our traditional campaign and family night, there
will be
- Parenting book discussion, by panels
- Jewish Culture& Children Education, by Gao Xiao Lan
- Leadership and parenting, by Daniel Di
- Getting into Ivy League, by Ivy League Consulting
- Good, So-so, Troubled Kids, by Sunny Wang Etc. 4th Annual Conference Theme - Chinese Education vs Western Education.

The last but not least part of the night is to ask for help from the everyone to become Club officers to build new volunteer management team! And help on the corporate fundraising activities!

The night ended with the membership raffle. Mr. Fong Xie is the winner during this event. The club event will continue to have raffle activities during each event to encourage the member to attend the events and get more benefits out of the Club activities.

To learn more about PCE Club, please feel free to sign up for the free emailing list at Or visit us at our website or

Warm regards,

Cindy Yu
On behalf of PCE Club Organizers


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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