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PCE Club - Camping Event 2007


You are invited to join PCE Club(Parents and Children Education Club) 48th event on Aug. 17th, 18th and 19th 2007.

It is going to be yearly outdoor activity - rafting and camping Trip. In the last few years, we organized 88 people rafting, 80 people Lake George trip, 60 people rafting/camping trip etc. Last year we enjoyed camping and rafting with more than 25 families.

What: rafting and camping Trip. Goal is to meet friends, network, and enjoy life and fun with your children.

It is a 3.5 hour rafting trip starting from the campground. You need to bring your own tent. Please read the detail on the below email. You should not have any question about this event; just follow it to register if you plan to join us.

No raining day. No Refund.

Every joined family must involve the trip. Everyone must work as a team.

No children (under 4 years old or under 40 pounds) is allowed for rafting.

Everyone has to know how to swim.

You need to bring your own lunch on 18th for rafting.

You need to attend the conference call for this activity. We will inform you by email for conference call.

You need to prepare 2 dishes for dinner/BBQ except common food.

Please remember all physical activities are done at your OWN RISK and that we are not responsible/liable for any injury occurred.

Who: All of your families are welcome to join for fun together. Each family needs to provide one volunteer to help organizing this event including the following team:

1. Organizing event committee (include making reservation, make plan, coordinate, answer the questions, pay the bill first, organizing conference call ,get head count etc)

2. Rafting committee (including arranging the boats, make fighting party to fight using water gun, racing game etc)

3. Camping committee (including setting up tent team, BBQ team, play game team, Karaoke team, campfire team, Fun team, safety team etc)

4. Accounting team (including collecting check, make registration form, head count etc)

The late registration person will be assigned to help on tough task.

Trip Fee (Based on website, if you have good deal/coupon, please let us know):

PCE member (paid yearly member fee) is base price and non-member is $10 extra per family.

Base Price (group rate (20-29 persons group)):

Rafting price: ( $37 + $1.5 (damage insurance) per person )plus tax 7.75% = $41.5 per adult. Children is free under 11 years old if you can share with other people at same boat, if you don�t want to share the boat or we can�t arrange it, your children needs to pay full price ( actually 5th or 6th children is free with 4 adults paid, we will try to arrange it but it is really hard based on our experience, if you can find 4 adults with same boat with your two children, you will get free for your children).

Camping Price (Per night) :

Per tent is $4.

Per person (Adult). $13.00/per person

Children 6 through 11 $6.95/person

Visitors $7.00

Children under 6 FREE

For example: if you have 2 Adults and 2 children(6+), you will pay ($4 + $13 x 2 + $6.95x2 ) = $43.9 per family for camping night. NO REFUND if you cancel or rain day.

We are going to live two nights which is $43.9 x 2 = $87.8

Each family (you Can�t share with friends) will charge $20 for common fee like campfire wood, some food, plate, cup etc. Other food will share by person.

All the money if there is left (for example, 10 persons get 1 free etc), it will be automatically donated to PCE Club for fundraising purpose.

Payment: please write the check before Aug. 1st to

PCE Club c/o

Dennis Wu

Address: 8 Azalea Ct, E. Brunswick, NJ 08816.

(Please write down your name, phone and head count on the check or other note to save our time)

When: Aug. 17th, 18th and 19th


Aug. 17th 2007 Friday

After working or afternoon, go to campsite and setup tent, camp fire if possible, no cooking.

Aug. 18th 2007 Saturday

There is no signal for cell phone.

10:00am go for rafting

10:30am - 3:30pm , enjoy rafting, please bring water Gun with you for fun

4:00pm - 10:30pm , prepare the dinner, campfire, BBQ party, play card

Aug. 19th 2007

Enjoy yourselves for activity - hiking, fishing, swimming, Then go home.

Or organize the paintball by yourselves. If you have any good idea, please share with us.

Registration: Please go to online for registration before August 1st 12:01pm so that we will reserve the campground and rafting boat on Aug. 1st. No late registration will accept. We will start conference call after Aug. 1st. We will not reply and accept "Count me in etc kind of email, you must fill out the form as below". If you didn�t hear from us after Aug. 1st by email, you need to fill out the below form and send it to

Then send check to PCE Club before Aug. 1st, no late check will be accepted.

If you really can�t decide before Aug. 1st but you really want to join if you can, you can fill out the form for registration first, but you have to pay late registration fee $20 per family after Aug. 1st as donation to PCE Club. But it is no later than Aug. 10th.

You must send this information for reservation. We DON�T accept phone registration.

1. Name:

First Name:

Last Name:

2. Contact info


Cell phone:

Home Phone or work phone:

3. How many people with you



4. What do you want to join (Camping, rafting, BBQ):

Rafting: how many people:

Camping: How many people,

Join BBQ together or not:

5. Who will be volunteer to help this event at your family, You must involve in this


Volunteer name

Contact info

Which field help (organizing the event, BBQ, renting boat, renting camp, buying BBQ stuff, prepare dinner, set up tent, as contact person)

6. Paid member or not



Any question, send email to

Accounting team contact:

Dennis Wu

VP of PCE Club

Email:dcwu at

(o) ***-***-2080

Cindy Yu

President of PCE Club

Email: cindyxyu at

Yingting Zhang

Elected President of PCE Club

Email: yingting_z at

Simon Wang

simonxinwang at

Detail event information:

James Gao at james.gao at


WE are going to meet at Kittatinny Campgrounds at Barryville Base and

address: 3854 RT. 97, Barryville , NY 12719

The campground is cross the street with Adventure center which is

for rafting bus, we have to park at adventure center since the campground

can check in after 2:00pm .


Tel: ***-***-2852

Direction: from NY & NJ , 80W to New Jersey Exit 34B.

15N to Rt. 206N, across Milford Bridge .

209N to Port Jervis , NY .

Turn left at 2nd light onto 97.

** Go 14 miles to Pond Eddy Base. 21 miles to Barryville Base and Kittatinny Campgrounds

(2 1/2 N of village of Barryville ). Here it is the phone for Kittatinny, in case you lost

the directioin: 1800-float-kc

Things to bring

Water Gun, enough food.

* Equipments: Tent, Extra Rope, Some small tools,Lamp (Oil and Electronic),

Flash Light, Extra batteries, Map, Compass, matches (lighter),

waterproof matt, folding chair

* Cooking Ware: Electric Stove, Pan, Instant cup,

bowl, plate, chopsticks,spoons, forks, Napkins, Paper Towels, Table Cloth,

some seasoning, cooking oil, plastic bags for garbage, Can Opener, wire


* Personal Belongs: Air Mattress, Electric Pumper, Extra battery, Charger,

Sleeping bags, Pillow Tooth Brush & Paste, Soap, Shampoo,

Conditioner, Comb, Bath Towel, Face wash cloth,

Shaver, Hair Spray Long Sleeve Jacket,Long Pants,

underwears, exchange clothing, hat, extra pair of shoes

Medicine Bag, Bugs Off, Sun Blocks, Dark

Reflector for kids, Matt's toy camping equipment

* Rainy Tool: Rainy Day Cover, Rain Coat, Matt's rain boots

* bikes, sports&balls, fishing pole, bait, radio, swimming gear

* Food

Drinks: Water, Kids Drink, Beer, Milk, Instant

Coffee in the morning, English tea bag, sugar

Snacks: Party mix, sun flower seeds, Dried Tofu

snack, lollipop for kids,

cookies for kids, string cheese for kids

Fruit: Grape, Watermelon, Plum , fruit knife

Dinner: 1. Pickled Cu*****ber with Pea Pudding ,

Double Cooked Beef, Cold Noodle

Celery with Peanut, Beef, Garlic Bread, Shrimp

Breakfast: 1. Chicken Noodle Soup, Rice, Chopped Veggie

2. Tea Egg


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情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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