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PCE Club - Announcing PCE Club's 58th Monthly Event


On the evening of June 14, 2008, the PCE Club will hold its 58th event in the Asian Culture Center with a theme of "the Role of Artisitc Talent in College Admissions". The speakers will be Ms. Sharron Liu and Ms. Emily Cui from Sharron Art Center. Ms. Liu is the president of the Sharron Art Center. As many people have already known her, no bio info is necessary here.

Ms. Cui is a current Rhode Island School of Design third year student, studying in Industrial design. She is interested in every aspect of art and design, from painting, illustration, ceramics, fashion design, and graphic design, but her most passionate side lies with industrial design, which is more commonly known as Product Design.

Ms. Emily Cui lived in shen yang, China for the first 9 years of her life. She is Chinese, but of the Korean ethnic group. At the age of 9, due to her father's work, her whole family moved to Kawasaki, Japan for 2 years, where she learned japanese and familiarized herself with its culture. At the age of 11, she came to the United states with her family. Right now, her family is in Nevada, and she is still in New Jersey for a short period due to her work.

For the past year, Ms. Cui has been a Sharron Art Center teacher, teaching kids of all ages. She has also been studying under Mrs. Sharron Liu since 9th grade of High School.

Please register via the online registration

If you would like to your child to perform in the kids talent show, please indicate in the registration.

Here is the event agenda:
6:30-7:00pm - Socializing and networking
7:00-7:50pm - Kids' Talent Show
8:00-9:30pm - Workshop: Role of Artistic Talent in College Admissions
9:30 - Wrap-up

To learn more about PCE Club, please feel free to sign up for the free emailing list at joinpceclub@ or http://groups. group/pce_ club/. please visit us at our website www.pceclub. org for more details on the Club's activities.

This event is being organized by Mr. Ming Xu and Ms. Yingting Zhang. We look forward to seeing you at the event,



六月十四日父母子女教育俱乐部将举行一场有关艺术特长在大学申请中的作用的特别座谈会。由莎伦画院总校长刘莎伦以及青年教师Emily Cui 主讲。Emily Cui目前是罗得岛美么术学院(全美排名第一)的高年级全A学生, 现在莎伦画院任教,将于今秋回罗得岛继续完成学业。她从小学画,很有艺术才华。这次她来给大家分享申请艺术学院的经验和体会。






除了以上座谈会外,活动还包括一开始要举行的儿童才艺表演及后来的儿童游戏手工活动. 欢迎有兴趣的家庭报名参加。

活动时间: 2008年6月14日 星期六6:30pm - 9:30pm;主题:艺术特长在大学申请中的作用;地点: Asian Cultural Center, 1876 Rt. 27, Edison, NJ 08817
请到www.pceclub.org网上注册孩子们的才艺表演和座谈会.详情请电:张颖婷***-***-7731; Ming Xu ***-***-2438。 费用:会员免费;非会员$10每家庭(场地费用)欲了解更多有关俱乐部的信息,请参阅俱乐部网站


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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