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PCE Club - 79th Monthly Event

2010/04/17 Saturday

PCE will conduct its 79th event dedicated to "Communication with Teenagers". Dr. Bonnie Liao will present and share her experiences as educator and parent of two teenagers. Bonnie and her daughter Shannon(13) will each share their experience then follow by parents discussion.
We encourage both parents' participation for the full benefit of the subject. PCE made a special arragement to have a teacher to take care younger kids to do art and craft. We will try to arrange tween [a combination of the words teens and in between] event if all possible.

DATE: 4/17 Saturday
TIME: 3:00pm to 5:30pm
17 Schoolhouse Rd
Somerset, NJ 08873
New Jersey Chinese Community Center 新澤西州華人活動中心

请到 网上注册家长讲座.疑问请电***-***-6921 DENNIS Wu [I'm having issue postig the event in PCE website. please reply to this email for registration. thank you.] 费用:会员免费;非会员$10每家庭(场地费用)

======================================================== How to effective communicate with teenagers:
Step 1 : Practice the basics of overall good communication : empathy, flexibility and open-mindedness.
Step 2 : Make yourself available and accessible.
Step 3 : Remain consistent in your answers and reasoning during decision making and disciplining.
Step 4 : Count to 10 before you speak, especially if you are agitated.
Step 5 : Give yourself 10 minutes to make a decision, even if you know what it will be. Your child will come to expect it and not blindside you with changes in plans.
Step 6 : Practice a controlled demeanor and calm tone, even when it's difficult. Avoid being sarcastic or raising your voice.
Step 7 : Learn to apologize.
Step 8 : Have dinner together as a family, every night if possible. Family time generates good feelings among family members, which enhances the likelihood of successfully communicating.
Step 9 : Live the golden rule. [己所不欲勿施予人; ji suo bu yu wu shi yu ren]


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

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