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PCE Club - 77th Event - 播撒幸福的种子

2010/01/09 6:45PM

The 1st event for PCE in 2010 will be the topic of "Planing the Happy Seed- 播撒幸福的种子" by Angela Chiu and Sandra Liu.
Everyone wants happiness and avoid any hardship. Parents spent all their efforts and energy; the ultimate goal is to raise our kids properly and bring happiness into the family. Sandra and Angela talked about this topic in a pre-conference [CAP 2009] meeting last October. We would like to devote 2 hours and discuss more indepth and "know how". Please join us for this very special event and plan the seed for years ahead. Here is the VG from CAP2009.

The PCE Club will hold its 77Th event on Jan. 9, 2009 (7:00pm-9:30pm) .
DATE/TIME: January 9, 2009 Saturday 6:45PM
Location: 1 Ethel Road, Suite 108A, Edison, NJ 08817. [XINCON facility]


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

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