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PCE Club - 75th Event - Emotional Intelligent Parenting

2009/11/14 6:45PM

The Parents and Children Education Club (PCE) will hold its 75th event on November 14, 2009 with the theme of "Emotionally Intelligent Parenting". You are cordially invited to register for this event.

Many of you are familiar with a book named "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goldman. The "Emotionally Intelligent Parenting" book picks up where Daniel Goleman's book leaves off. It help parents understand why EQ is so important to the task of everyday parenting and creating household peace and harmony.

The CLUB was lucky to have one of the authors Steven Tobias as keynote speaker in 2006 annual conference. On Saturday's meeting, we will play some of the clips from the keynote speech to server as talking point for group discussion. We will discuss how to use "Trouble Tracker" as a way of beginning to put skills together to reduce family conflict and improve children's independent problem-solving.

We will talk about FIG TESPN [pronounced Fig TES-pin] a model for parents and children to use in working out problems. There are more...

We encourage all of you bring a copy of the book to the meeting and point out your favor paragraph(s) and share with others.

DATE/TIME: November 14, 2009 Saturday 6:45PM
Location: 1 Ethel Road, Suite 108A, Edison, NJ 08817.

Fee: member free; non-member $10
[You can find location via Google map and major landmark is the Bank of America at the corner of Talmadge Rd and Ethel Rd, across the street of the Business complex where Xincon is located.]

Please note: We will also conduct food drive, please bring nonperishable items to the meeting and show your generasity. All collected will be delivered to M.C.F.O.O.D.S

Any questions, please call Dennis Wu(***-***-6921), Ming Xu(***-***-8007), Cindy Yu (***-***-3130)


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