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PCE Club - 46th Event Summary


The PCE Club's 46th event was held on June 9th, 2007 at Asian Cultural Enterprises Center, Edison. The meeting started with the popular Children Talent Performance. Our young performers brought tremendous joy to the audience via their piano-playing, singing and story-telling. Our keynote speaker for the evening is Dr. Tom Gan. His featured speech is "How can you or your children find better jobs by working for Wall Street firms?".

Dr. Gan explained candidly why people are so interested in finding Wall Street jobs from compensation and career path perspective. He also described that Wall Street needs people with the right education and expertise such as math, physics, Finance, accounting & computer science etc. For those college bound students or parents with college-age kids, Dr. Gan advised them to choose ivy league schools with a focus on quantitative area or computer science if they hope to find a good position in Wall Street. Dr. Gan also illustrated some key interview techniques such as interview preparation and communication style. The event was concluded with a very dynamic Q&A session between audiences and Dr. Gan. For details and information for past events, please see our website: /WWW.PCECLUB.ORG/
父母子女教育俱乐部6月9日在亚洲文化中心举办了其四十六期活动. 本期的活动还是从大家都喜爱的孩子才艺表演开始.孩子们踊跃地在舞台上弹钢琴,唱歌,讲故事, 给观众带来欢声笑语. 本次活动的专题主讲是由华尔街著名人才咨询公司的副总裁甘博士介绍怎样让您或您孩子在华尔街找到理想的工作. 甘博士重点讲述了华尔街喜欢什么样的人才以及选择怎样的专业和学校以便今后进入华尔街. 他还讲解了在面试中的一些重点技巧. 活动在热烈的问答中结束. 详情请阅: //


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