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PCE Club - 45th Event Summary


The PCE Club successfully held its 45th event on May 12th, 2007 Saturday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Asian Cultural Enterprises Center, 1876 Rt. 27, Edison, NJ 08817. As usual, this event composed of two sessions, Children Talent Performance and featured speech 'Bring out the Leader in you' by CEO of Masterful Kids, Robin Schafer.

For the seminar part, we were honored to be able to invite Robin Schafer, CEO of Masterful Kids LLC, to give us a speech on 'Bring out the Leader in you'. Ms. Robin believes that leadership skills can be taught and learnt, and within all of us lie skills that can bring us closer to being a leader or excelling in some role. The speech first talked about the common traits of some great leaders, and then elaborated on the 9 steps needed to bring out the leadership qualities in you:

1. Think positive; think win. Eliminate negative self-talk which holds you back and depresses you.
2. Determine your dreams.
3. Take action and show excitement.
4. Be persistent , work hard and don't give up on your goal.
5. Stick up for your values(goals) even when others are critical of them.
6. Do not allow fear to interfere with your plans.
7. Communicate and motivate others. Show sincere interest in others and be empathetic.
8. Be dependable and take responsibility.
9. Deal well with adversity and don't let obstacles hold them back.

At the end of the speech, Robin went through some exercises to help practice and acquire those skill. Eg. All the participants wrote down a goal that they want to accomplish within 6 months and 2 steps that are needed to get there. Another exercise was to ask everyone to write down what they don't like about themselves, and from the list, identify what can be changed and what can't be changed. The last exercise that all the participants did was to write down the fear that they have and how to overcome them. All those exercises were very practical and helpful, and allowed us to take a break from our busy life, pause and think about our lives and self-development.

After the seminar, was the Q & A session. Members asked various questions, eg. How to tell the line between positive self-confidence and over-confidence, how to teach kids to resist peer pressure, etc. Ms. Robin's husband Randy also joined the discussion, and shared with us a lot of precious experiences. When the event had to be wrapped up due to rental space limitations, a lot of members still had a lot of questions to ask or topics to be discussed. Ms. Robin will hold another leadership workshop in the fall, and we encourage interested members to participate. Detailed info will follow later.

The Children Talent Performance session brought us a lot of joy as usual. Aaron Zhu made his first debut by singing 2 songs without any preparation beforehand. Stephanie Fang also volunteered to sing additional songs. All the other performers also brought to us a lot of enjoyable performances. After the talent show, kids under 7 years old went upstairs to continue with Children's program led by Ms. Zhao and had a good time.

PCE club would like to thank all of you who attended this event and hope you all enjoyed the learning experience. To learn more about PCE Club information, please check the website, You can sign up for the free email list at to be informed about the ongoing parenting hot topics and events. If you have more questions on this event, please send an email to Hope to see you all again next month.

Cathay Zhe Wang On Behalf of PCE Club

人人都可以作领袖人物, 只需把它从你的内心带出
- 父母子女教育俱乐部举办第四十五期活动

父母子女教育俱乐部于五月十二日晚在亚洲文化中心举行了第四十五期活动。 由俱乐部会长俞心怡主持孩子们的才艺表演, 董事王哲主持以�怎样把孩子培养成领袖人物�为主题的专题讨论讲座, 和方桐博士提供了摄影. 这次才艺表演, 俱乐部的家长们目睹了几位新的小天才. 他们天真烂漫和优异的表演给大家带来了阵阵欢笑和掌声. 小朋友Aaron朱和Stephanie 方是这个晚上的小明星. 招老师的娱乐课让孩子们开心, 大人们专心.

大人专题讨论, 由 Masterful Kids LLC的总裁Robin Schafer女士主讲. Schafer女士给大家讲解了九条原则: 第一, 要有赢的精神. 第二, 决定目标在哪里. 第三, 采取行动. 第四, 要有毅力. 第五, 坚持不懈. 第六, 不要害怕. 第七, 鼓励别人. 第八, 要有责任感. 第九, 遇到困难不能灰心. 只要大家作到这九点, 我们都是领袖了, 都会家庭事业有成! Schafer女士讲的内容都很实用, 容易让大家结合教育孩子的实际情况. 演讲和问答之后, 大家还是意犹未尽。一个夜晚很快过去了.



Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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