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PCE Club - 171st Monthly Event




唤醒内驱力的积极进取与失去内驱力的消极抑郁: 一枚硬币的两面

11 Lexington Ave., East Brunswick, NJ 08816


虽然孩子们不同性格造成对外界同一事物的不同反应,在不同领域上也有不同的天赋。然而共性昭然,都有好奇心,好胜心,及对快乐的追求。 如何利用孩子的自身条件, 激发其对知识的追求,对不足的容忍, 对困难的锲而不舍,自然而然地使其达到积极进取的成熟,是做家长和老师追求的目标。 而反之,如果不遵循自然的发展,那么优秀的天赋,美好的愿望都不能够阻止越来越消极的结果,甚至造成长久的负面影响。

张海云,大学受中国教育,大学之后受美式教育。 Caltech博士,有丰富的引导和激励孩子们学习数学与科学的经验,包括指导训练数学竞赛,现在全职教授数学。她兴趣广泛,既喜爱科学方面的创造力,也有很强的人文关怀,历史和科技给她理性的思考,艺术与少年儿童占据了她的心灵。天真、健全、美好、清澈,希望和未来,孩子在她眼里是这些词最完美的代表。她非常关心孩子们的身心健康和全人教育,高度关注青少年心理健康和抑郁症话题。

Two Sides of Motivational Coin: Inspiration and Depression

We are honored to present our visiting speaker Dr. Haiyun (Irene) Zhang from California who will host our PCE 171 Event. She will discuss children's developmental paths based on her own experience with children. Each child is unique, with a special set of strengths and weaknesses. Parents and teachers should discover and cultivate their interests and give them enough freedom so that they will become forward-looking, responsible and self-reliant adults.

Speaker Introduction: Irene Zhang
Irene finished her college education in China and came to US for graduate school. She studied physics, neurobiology, later actuarial sciences. She has always been interested in education, thanks to the influence from her family members who took great joy in educating generations of scholars. Now she teaches math and physics full time. She strives to spark imagination and motivation; introduce problem solving and logical thinking in all fields of studies. Irene is also a history buff, deeply touched by arts, music and the human experiences. For her, scientific discovery and technology advancement is the driving force of history, like the rational "yang" ; arts, music and stories are what enrich us, like the emotional "yin". Children represent innocence, kindness, honesty, just like the future. Therefore she will focus her speech on the physical and mental development of children, whole-person education and mental health advocacy.

时间: 2018年4月14日星期六晚 6:30-9:00pm
6:30-7:00pm: 签到networking
7:00-9:00pm: 讲座与讨论,欢迎带孩子参加。孩子们有游戏活动、手工制作、 画画、KEVA structures、foosball等项目。

地点: 11 Lexington Ave., East Brunswick, NJ 08816


联系人:Joy Zhou (***-***-1956) Melody Dai (***-***-8112)


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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