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PCE Club - 137th Monthly Event - Emotional Health and Suicide Prevention in Teenagers





新泽西华人福音会 11 Lexington Ave., East Brunswick, NJ 08816

高中和大学压力大,很多家长都有共识。近期Holmdel传来高中生自杀的消息,是没有家长愿意看到的悲剧。那么青少年们各种情绪上的波动,哪些是正常的哪些是要引起警惕呢? PCE特地联络美国自杀防范基金会,为家长提供一个特别的学习机会,通过幸存者的讲述和专家的指导, 带我们走入青少年心理健康,这个我们往往自以为了解,却事后痛心不已的灰色领域。请家长拨冗参与,以知识和关爱,关注我们的孩子们,引导他们顺利步入成年生活轨道。

2001年失去了亲如养子的Michael后, Mr. Dave Thelen和家人决定站出来,帮助其他在忧郁症中挣扎的孩子们。他们不仅参加了美国自杀防范基金会新泽西分会,成为积极的演讲者,还创立了�乌干达生命的改变�非营利组织,把机会和希望带给那里的孩子们。
Dr. Jeri Quirk 是PCE的老朋友了,2007年PCE年会的Keynote演讲, 开启了多少家长的心窍。积25年心理咨询经验,她开办了Jersey Shore Free School in Litter Silver,NJ, 身体力行她的信念,亲自带动一个个孩子建立自尊自爱,培养健康心理,打造和谐的家庭和成功的人生。

时间: 2015年5月9日星期六,傍晚 6:30点至9点(有儿童托管, 教学经验老师带领,每家$5.)
7:00-9:00: 讲座与讨论

地点: 新泽西华人福音会11 Lexington Ave., East Brunswick, NJ 08816


活动组织者: 邱岚,刘向群

联系人:Angela Chiu ***-***-4544, Qing-Hong Dai ***-***-8112


The PCE Club presents the 137th Monthly Event:


Emotional Health and Suicide Prevention in Teenagers

Chinese Evangel Mission Church of New Jersey
11 Lexington Ave., East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Many parents are becoming more aware of the ever increasing stress in teenagers� lives. Recently, a Holmdel high school student committed suicide and the community was deeply saddened by it. How to be in tune to teenagers' emotional ups and downs, and how to distinguish the alarming ones from the norm. PCE club contacted The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), a leading NGO in the fight against suicide, and invited their counselor Mr. Dave Thelen to speak to us. We also invited Dr. Jeri Quirk, an old friend of our club whose keynote speech at our 2007 PCE annual conference inspired many parents to strive to love our kids as they are unconditionally. Both experts will show us the emotional world of today's teenagers and teach us the important aspects before it's too late. We invite parents to join us and equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge so we can guide our kids with compassion through the adolescent years before they enter adulthood.

About the Speaker:
Mr Dave Thelen and his wife Jean lost their beloved nephew Michael to suicide after having him living under their care for 10 years. They decided to make a positive out of the loss of Michael. They ran an Survivors of Suicide (SOS) group to help others in need. Dave also joined the Central Jersey Board of AFSP and is very passionate in educating other kids and parents. They also founded Change A Life Uganda, an NGO Who�s mission is to improve the lives of orphaned and disadvantaged children and their families in Migyera and Nabbingo, Uganda. They have worked in the USA and Uganda to give folks an opportunity to change their lives for the better. Below is an outline of his talk:
What do you know about suicide?
What have we learned with the new research?
Understanding Suicide
Preventing Suicide
Coping with the loss of a loved one.
Resources to learn more when ready.

Jeri Quirk, Ph.D. is both a psychotherapist and an educator who has spent her entire career working with children, teens and families. She maintains a positive, holistic and developmental or "growth" approach to all of her work. Jeri has co-founded two Sudbury schools including the Jersey Shore Free School in Little Silver, NJ. Jeri�s doctoral research and dissertation (Teacher: Heal Thyself) underscore her concerns about the detrimental processes of traditional schooling and traditional child rearing. Below is an abstract of her talk.

Based on 25+ years of doctoral and post-doctoral research with myriad and diverse groups of people, Dr. Quirk gently challenges us to re-examine our beliefs and practices with regard to our children. She offers proven and successful processes for self-esteem development, emotional and mental health, family peace, and success in life. Her talk will provide some practical, �how-to� methods for improving adult-child communication and relationships.

When: May 9, 2015, Saturday, from 6:30 to 9:00pm (6:30-7pm: Children�s Talent Show; 7-9 pm: presentation, childcare available, with experienced art teacher to lead kids art activity, cost is $5 per family)

Where: Chinese Evangel Mission Church of New Jersey 11 Lexington Ave., East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Free for PCE club members. $12 per non-member family. Child custody available

Event Organizer: Angela Chiu, Sandra Liu

Contact: Angela Chiu ***-***-4544, Qing-Hong Dai ***-***-8112


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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