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PCE Club - 123th Monthly Event - Chinese Lantern Festival Celebration and Seminar: Find You





讲座:1. 寻找自己的心声。2. 追随还是带领

在Montgomery 市Pike Run 的华人社区邀请父母子女教育俱乐部成员一同庆祝中国元宵节并给一个讲座。 我们从晚7点到8点半聚餐 (每家带拿手菜),一同庆祝中国元宵节。然后, 从8点半到九点半, 由我们邀请的嘉宾Jess Fong 给我们做关于以下话题的讲座:
1) 寻找自己的心声: 怎样鼓励和激发孩子的创意表达,并提高批判性思维能力。
2) 追随还是带领:帮助你的孩子寻找带头的机会, 培养团队能力和管理能力。

介绍 Jess Fong:
Jess 是Johns Hopkins University 的大学三年级学生, 主修国际研究学和经济学。 主要简历有:
参加过7年的模拟联合国辩论赛: 4年高中模拟联合国辩论赛,模拟国会辩论赛 以及�我们�辩论赛;3年Johns Hopkins大学模拟联合国大会的委员会主席。
出过3本书 (都在高中时期)。
Jess将为我们提供年轻一代独特的视野。她会讲自己作为华裔美国人在美国的成长经历以及她如何弄清美国k-12 系统 并她申请大学的经历。
时间: 2/15/2014 星期六5点半到8点半
5点半 到 七点 Pike Run 华人社区的节目表演
七点到八点半 聚餐
八点半到九点半 PCE 讲座

地址:Pike Run Club House,GPS address: 40 Pike Run Road, Belle mead, NJ 08502 (进入社区后,循着Pike Run Club House 的标志即可)。

费用: PCE会员家庭免费。 非会员$12 每家。

联系人: Amy Liu(***-***-7816)


The PCE Club presents the 123th Monthly Event:


Chinese Lantern Festival Celebration
Seminar: Find Your Voice; Follow or Lead

The Chinese community at Pike Run in Montgomery has invited the PCE Club to deliver a seminar and have a combined event with them to celebrate the 2014 Chinese Lantern Festival (中国元宵节联欢晚会). We will have a potluck from 7pm to 8:30pm (bring your favorite dish to share and celebrate the Lantern Festival), followed by a seminar by Jess Fong, our guest speaker, on the following topics from 8:30pm to 9:30pm:

1) Find Your Voice: how to inspire your children, encourage creative expression and improve critical thinking;

2) Follow or Lead: help your child find opportunities to lead, develop teamwork skills and management skills.

About the Speaker:

Jess Fong: Jess is a rising junior at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. She is pursuing a double major in International Studies and Economics.
Some highlights related to her experience are:
Studied abroad at Tsinghua University in Beijing
7 years of Model UN/debate competition experience: 4 years competing in high school Model UN, Model Congress, and We the People debate competitions; 3 years as a committee chair for Johns Hopkins Model UN Conference.
Interned at a Congressional Office
Published author (3 books in high school)
Jess will provide us a unique view from a younger generation. She will speak from her own personal experience of growing up as an Asian American, how she figured out the K-12 system and her experience of college applications.

When: Feb 15, 2014 Saturday, from 5:30 to 10:30pm
5:30-7pm performance organized by the Pike Run Chinese community
7-8:30pm potluck dinner
8:30-9:30pm PCE seminar

Where: Pike Run ClubHouse (GPS address: 40 Pike Run Road, Belle Mead, NJ 08502. Please follow the signs to the Pike Run Clubhouse once you have entered the community.)

Driving Directions:
From north: Take Route 287, 78 or 22 to Somerville Circle to Route 206 South (approximately 10 miles) to Pike Run Road on the left, follow signs to the Pike Run Clubhouse.
From Princeton: Route 206 north to Montgomery Township. Proceed past the municipal building and look for Pike Run on the right, follow signs to the Pike Run Clubhouse.

Fees: Free for PCE club members. $12 per non-member family

Event Organizer: Amy Liu

Contact: Amy Liu (***-***-7816,, Ming Xu( ***-***-8007), Lei Xu (***-***-4290,


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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