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PCE Club - 第65次活动

2009/01/3 10AM-5PM

父母儿童教育俱乐部将于2009年元月3日举办第65次活动, 参观新泽西自由科学馆(Liberty Science Center)

新年伊始, 父母儿童教育俱乐部将于2009年元月3日上午10时至5时举办第65次活动.参观新泽西自由科学馆(Liberty Science Center) 该中心为目前全球很够大的科技馆.能让父母子女开阔眼界,增长见识,是一次机会难得的科技之旅。参观过程中, 你将体验高科技互动产品,尝试设计摩天大楼,感受现代化的三维雷射电影院和美国最大的IMAS穹幕电影院,获得各种前所未有的科学体验。将科研,科普与教育紧密结合,让孩子在亲身体验神奇的现代化科技的同时,激发对科技的向往和探索之情,并掌握更新更具有权威性的科普知识。这可能帮助他们成为科学家,工程师或医生。

活动由科学教师刘忠寿先生和刘向群 女士组织. 我们可以享受学校票价. 有你若是BANK of America客户, 将享受免费参观优待.如你可以帮助儿童解释科学问题或能照顾儿童或报名, 网上报名 但是为安全理由,每个家庭请有成人陪伴儿童。请拿您的午餐和饮料,以避免中心昂贵午餐和饮料. 问题刘忠寿教师 (***-***-9015) ,王成文博士(***-***-8577)张颖婷女士(***-***-7731).

You are cordially invited to register for the PCE Club's 65th event. In the beginning of the new year, Parents Child and Education Club will visit the Liberty Science Museum (Liberty Science Center ) on January 3, 2009 from 10 AM to 5 PM. Parents and children can broaden their horizons in Science. It is a rare opportunity to learn the science and technology at the center. You will experience the interaction of high-tech products, the design of skyscrapers, see the modern three-dimensional laser cinema and the nation's largest dome screen cinema IMAS. Scientific research, popular science and education are closely linked to help children to experience the magic of modern science and technology. They can really learn the updated scientific knowledge. This may help them to become Scientists, Engineers or Medical Doctors in the future.

Mr. Joseph Liu and Ms Sandra Liu will lead the activities. We can also enjoy fair school ticket price. If you have BANK of America Debit card, it is free of event. If you can help children or explain scientific issues or take care of the child or register, please send e-mail, Registration However for the safety reason, please have an adult to accompany children from every family. Please bring your lunch and drinks to avoid the host cost of food in the center. Mr.Joseph Liu ***-***-9015), Dr.Wang Chengwen (***-***-8577) Ms Zhang Yingting (***-***-7731).


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