PCE 204th Monthly Event - Our Journey of Self Discovery
Sat, Jul 31 | Zoom Meeting

PCE 204th Monthly Event - Our Journey of Self Discovery

认识自我, 走出自己的路
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Jul 31, 7:00 PM
Zoom Meeting

About the Event

青春期开始寻找自己,常有很多困惑。我们请了几位二十多到三十岁已经工作的年轻人与我们分享她他们探索自己的过程。他们中有艺术设计师,软件工程师,有猎头公司的headhunter, 也有在金融和咨询公司工作的,也有创业的... 他们会与我们分享: 1. 成长过程中经历的各种挫折,及如何走出来的,从中学到什么?现在的状态如何? 2. 家长眼里的好与孩子眼里的好有很大的差别,在寻求自己和满足家长期望之间如何寻求一个平衡?如何面对这些内心的冲突? 了解自己是一生的过程,从任何时候开始都不晚。我们对自己的认知是不断变化的。有的人现在还在迷惘,接受这个迷惘,也不用觉得这个状态很糟糕,没有人知道自己最后会在什么位置,接纳自己认可自己是成长路上重要的一步。 Among the biggest difficulties for adolescence is figuring out who they are. We invited a few Asian young adults to this panel discussion. They will: 1) Share their growth journey and the struggles they have been through. How did they come out of it? What have they learned from it? What is the next chapter in their life? 2) Usually, a parents’ expectation and children’s expectations are different. How do they balance these two? What is their reflection? Finding out and accepting who you are is one of the key elements for transformation from child to adult.


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