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10th Annual Parenting Conference
10th Annual Parenting Conference

Sat, Oct 12


2055 Lincoln Hwy, Edison, NJ 08817, USA

10th Annual Parenting Conference

==2013 父母子女俱乐部第十届子女教育研讨暨年会== 《〈《培养自立自强的孩子》〉》 特邀演讲嘉宾: 著名作家、教育家珍妮沃克珍妮沃克-卡弗里博士

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Time & Location

Oct 12, 2013, 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM

2055 Lincoln Hwy, Edison, NJ 08817, USA

About the Event



特邀演讲嘉宾: 著名作家、教育家珍妮沃克珍妮沃克-卡弗里博士 (Janine Walker Caffrey)


成功者皆有自身的秘诀。今年的年会,我们荣幸地邀请到著名作家、教育家珍妮沃克-卡弗里(Janine Walker Caffrey)博士,卡弗里博士在教育“如何激发孩子内在的潜能和动力”方面有丰富经验,她将就如何培养孩子自律、自立、自强的精神的话题,做一场生动活泼、别开生面的主题演讲, 就大家关心的问题分享她的经验,相信她的演讲将给您带来多层次的思考,有意义的启示及新颖的技巧。如果您是一位关心孩子成长的父母,如果您迫切想培养孩子内在的向上驱动力,就请参加父母子女教育俱乐部于十月十二日 举办的第十次年会。


  1. 探路型父母,直升机型父母的另一种选择
  2. 提高孩子自我锻炼意识、营造赏识激励氛围, 以建立自信心
  3. 降低生活舒适度、培养孩子自我管理能力,以建立适应性和独立性
  4. 延迟满足和降低奖励,以建立耐心和良好的工作态度
  5. 利用孩子朋友圈的正面影响,以建立主动性

珍妮沃克-卡弗里女士简介:珍妮沃克-卡弗里博士曾任职任教各种公校私校及政府教育部门,还创建了自己的艺术学校,现任新州学区学监。她致力于帮助父母学会如何寓教于乐,教子有方,出版发表了《9种激励孩子上进的方法》 (Drive: 9 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Achieve)一书。

Conference Agenda

  • 12:30 pm - 01:00 pm Registration and Networking
  • 01:00 pm - 01:15 pm Opening Remarks
  • 01:15 pm - 02:30 pm Keynote Speech
  • 02:30 pm - 02:45 pm Book Signing/Break
  • 02:45 pm - 05:00 pm Fishbowl Forum (''青少年实话实说'')

Fishbowl Forum moderator:

Angela Lan Chiu received her S.M and Ph.D. degrees, both in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT, Cambridge, MA, in 1993 and 1997, respectively. She was a research staff member in the Optical Communication Technology group of MIT Lincoln Laboratory from April to November 1997. In November 1997, she joined AT&T Labs and lead key architecture and designs for AT&T‘s core IP and optical networks. Dr. Chiu has published extensively in many technical journals and conferences and has served as conference and program chairs for numerous conferences. She holds fifteen U.S. patents.

She and her husband together with their two daughters (9 and 11-year-old) live in Holmdel, New Jersey. Angela balances her busy and rich work life with a deep love for the arts and music and volunteering work for local communities. Since 2006, she has served as a moderator for PCE club online forum with over 800 members.

Fishbowl Forum participants(teenagers):

Angela Dong was born in China and came to U.S. when she was eleven years old. Currently she is pursuing design major at Art Center College of Design in California. she likes to go to movies, shopping and exercise for leisure. Her hobbies are drawing, music, and swimming. she learned a lot while she is in school out of state. She will share personal experience and understanding about communications between parents and children.

Sally Fong is currently a seventeen year old senior at East Brunswick High School. Throughout her high school life, she has been very involved in giving back to her community by volunteering and being an active member of Key Club, the oldest and largest international organization for high-school students. Sally is also very enthusiastic about volleyball and athletics, participating in adult, teen, and children volleyball programs to not only stay active herself, but to interact with others who share the same interest as her. Furthermore, she has participated in debate programs such as the Model Congress and Model United Nations, and is currently participating in the We the People competition.

My name is Eileen Huang. I am 13-years old and I am currently in the eighth grade. Last year, I studied abroad in China for a semester. It was a very difficult yet interesting experience -- it was the best and worst thing that had ever happened to her. I feel like I have more life experience than my peers and I can now help them through their troubles. I''m looking for a high school that offers fun courses and can let me pursue what I love to do. I''m really interested in Humanities, especially Literature, because it provides more insight into human behavior which has always really intrigued me.

Elaina Yu graduated from Montgomery High School in 2012 and was the only student in her grade to take a gap year. During her six months in China, she interned at China Daily newspaper in Anhui Providence. Then she interned for three months at Steele Roberts Aotearoa, a New Zealand publishing company. Now she is attending Rutgers University and hopes to major in English with a concentration in creative writing.

Roger Zou is a graduate of Dougherty Valley High School and currently a freshman at Harvard. He is a driven individual who founded a successful high school club to aid the elderly as a freshman and served in various other leadership positions, such as Treasurer of Chess Club and PR chair of the Teen Council. He eschewed the leadership structure of traditional clubs like Interact or the National Honor Society in favor of a more entrepreneurial approach based on creating the most value to the community. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, reading stories online, and reading the Economist.

Jack Liu graduated from Dartmouth College in 2011 with a degree in economics. For the last 2 years, he was a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group. Recently, he quit to start his own start-up in career development and professional learning. He enjoys traveling, basketball, and snowboarding in his spare time.

我们鼓励青少年与他们的父母一起参加本次研讨会, 这样更有助于父母和孩子共同的有效学习和提高。

研讨会时间: 2013 年10 月12 日,星期六 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

地点: Crowne Plaza Hotel-Talmadge Ballroom 2055 Lincoln Highway (RT 27), Edison, NJ 08817 (732 287 3500)

费用: 提前报名(10月10日前付帐)者:$20(家庭), 现场:$25(家庭), 俱乐部付了年费($60)的会员: 免费.

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