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PCE Club - 131st Monthly Event: Insights and Real World Applications � A Guided Discussion




深思和实践 �讨论如何培养高情商的孩子

父母子女教育俱乐部热忱邀请您参加一场由廖冰博士所带领的讨论会。这次讨论将围绕2014年10月份的PCE年会讲座的内容, 围绕 Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore主讲的如何培养高情商的孩子。她主要讲到:
廖冰博士: 2007年5月,创建非营利英华国际学校,全美最先融合中英双语与国际化探究式教育相结合的小学; 2002年5月创建非营利英华语言学校,担任校长十年并运用与推广《马立平中文》; 自2004年创建非营利�英华在北京�语言与领导能力暑期学院以来,每年亲自带领美国青少年在北京学习并为贫困学生服务; 2012年创建非营利英华普林斯顿语言与领导能力学院,带领来到美国的非英语母语青少年学习与实践并进行野外生存训练;自2004年,担任新州父母子女教育俱乐部总顾问,为华人父母提供一个学习和讨论的平台, 不断提高个人和子女情商,开发智商,增进和子女的交流。2000年罗格斯大学工商管理硕士;1991年休斯顿大学物理博士;1984年北京大学物理学士。2007年从美林证券公司辞职,在The Lawrenceville School 教数学并致力于创建公立特许学校。目前,回到美银美林做大数据分析和模拟。

时间: 2014年11月15日星期六,傍晚 6点30至9点(6:30-7:00 为小孩才艺表演时间,欢迎您的孩子表演他们的才艺,请预先注册、请准时。)

地点: 三彩藝術學院
地址: 802 US 1 North, Edison, NJ 08817 (Edison金门超市对面向南一点,1号路北向过Audi车行,在Standard Tile同一个停车场)


活动组织者: Joy Zhou, Weihong Zhang

联系人:Qing-Hong Dai (***-***-8112,,徐蕾(***-***-4290,,Amy Liu (***-***-7816,,徐明(***-***-8007,


The PCE Club presents the 131th Monthly Event:


Insights and Real World Applications � A Guided Discussion on

�Raising an Emotional Intelligent Child� by Elieen Kennedy-Moore

PEC cordially invite your for an evening of a guided discussion on �Raising an Emotional Intelligent Child� (Keynote speech by Eileen Kennedy-Moore on 2014 Annual Conference). Dr. Bonnie Liao will lead the discussion on insights and real world applications of the key points of the speech.

Here are some highlights from the speech:
Understand how a narrow focus on achievement can inhibit children�s social and emotional development. Learn the signs that distinguish healthy striving from unhealthy perfectionism
Learn strategies for helping children join in group play or conversations.
Learn strategies for helping children savor positive experiences.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Bonnie Liao, Founder and Head of School, Ying-Hua International School, a nonprofit private elementary school, one of the first Chinese-English dual language schools in the United States combining language immersion with an internationally-focused inquiry-based curriculum framework, 2007 - present; Founder and Principal, YingHua Language School, the first community-based school accredited by CSS at Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 2002 - 2012; Founder & Director, "YingHua in Beijing" Summer Language & Leadership Institute providing learning opportunities to American youth ages 8 to 17 who spend a month in China, 2004 - present; Founder & Director, YingHua Princeton Language & Leadership Institute providing learning opportunities to international youth ages 9 to 18 who spend a month in the United States, 2012 - present; General Advisor, New Jersey Parent & Children Education Club, the only NJ nonprofit association focusing on parent-child communications, raising emotionally intelligent and academically motivated children, 2004 - present. MBA, Finance / Information Technology, Rutgers University, 2000; Ph.D., Physics, University of Houston, 1991; BS, Physics, Peking University, 1984. A former VP in Management Science, she left Merrill Lynch in 2007 to teach mathematics at a top private college preparatory high school in New Jersey for two years. Currently she is a consultant at Bank of America / Merrill Lynch.

When: November 15, 2014 Saturday, from 6:30 to 9 pm (6:30-7 pm: Children�s Talent Show; 7-9 pm: presentation, childcare available)

Where: San Cai Arts Academy
802 US 1 North, Edison, NJ 08817 (On Route 1 North across the street from Kam Man Supermarket; in the same parking lot as the store �Standard Tile� north of Audi Dealer)

Fees: Free for PCE club members. $12 per non-member family

Event Organizer: Joy Zhou, Weihong Zhang

Contact: Qing-Hong Dai (***-***-8112,, Lei Xu (***-***-4290,, Amy Liu (***-***-7816,,Ming Xu (***-***-8007,


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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