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PCE Club - 116th Monthly Event- Summer Picnic/BBQ party


第一百一十六期活动 每家一菜,请网上登记报名.



父母子女教育俱乐部定于7月21日星期天11:00 - 3:00在Johnson Park (Grove 4)举行116次活动 - 夏季野餐烧烤会, 每家一菜。野餐会期间会组织小孩进行呼啦圈等游戏.




每家一菜,请登陆 报名。

如有问题或建议请联络徐明(***-***-8007), 王成文(***-***-8577)

时间: 2013年7月21日星期天,11:00 - 3:00

11:00AM - 01:45PM 野餐烧烤
02:00PM - 03:00PM 讲座和互动讨论

地点: Johnson Park (Grove 4)
Direction 请查



The PCE Club presents the 116th Monthly Event:


Summer Picnic/BBQ Party

Picnic/BBQ party will be held at Johnson Park (Grove 4) 11:00 - 3:00pm.

Each family please brings 1 dish.

We are also glad to have invited guest speaker Lan Ma to share her parenting experience with us. The title is "Second Chance: Building a Life of Dreams with My Children"1. The Most Valuable Gift a Parent Can Give Her Children: Her Dreams and the Passion Behind Them
2. Teaching by Deeds v.s. Words: Building the Dreams Together
3. Imparting the Most Basic Living Skills - Training Effective and Productive Individuals

Biography of the one speaker:
Lan consulted in the area of HR Management System Implementation for Fortune 500 clients for six years since her graduation. She has been working for IBM Corp as a Certified Executive Project Manager since 2000.

Rising above a full-time career and raising two young children as a single parent, Lan author the book: "You Can Have It All: Baby, Career and Plenty of Sleep" in 2006. In this book, she shares the strategies and practical solutions of her comprehensive planning around pregnancy, baby preparation, infant care and transition from maternity leave back to work for professional women.

In 2011, Lan founded Long Valley Performing Group, Inc., a 501(3)c non-profit organization whose mission is to sponsor and organize recitals, concerts and other musically related activities for youth of Long Valley, NJ and surrounding communities. It strives to provide the opportunity for kids who love music, dance and other types of performing arts to demonstrate their talents. Since then, the group has hosted six classical music recitals in local churches and retirement centers, providing performing opportunities for over two dozen young musicians. The group was honored to be approached by Long Valley elementary school to host its annual Talent Showcase event for students from third to fifth grades. Lan is an avid meditation practitioner. She volunteers her time for American Bodhi Meditation Society." To learn more about Lan, please check out her book site and personal blog:


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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