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PCE Club - 115th Monthly Event - A High School Graduate''s Perspective On Her Journey





中国的父母都望子成龙, 从小就开始培养孩子德智体全面发展. 到了高中就要交第一份答卷了!! 所以, 高中就成为父母和我们孩子最忙碌紧张的时候. 孩子们除了要努力去平衡学习,体育,社会生活, 他们也要完成大学申请和为离家独立生活做好心理准备. 父母和孩子都面对很大的思想压力!! 随着孩子 进入青少年时期, 父母和孩子间就似乎开始了一场永无休止的斗争. 你怎么能支持孩子的选择,同时 还能确定他们做出的选择是正确的呢?你如何与你的孩子建立一种信任亲密的关系? 去放手他们展翅 飞翔, 追寻他们憧憬的崭新独立的生活?

第一百十五期活动 ��高中毕业生对成长历程的总结� 专题讨论会。俱乐部邀请了优秀高四应届毕业生张雨珊. 在这次讨论中,张雨珊将根据她的亲身经验, 分享在高中期间, 她是怎样和她的父母合作,申请理想的大学, 解决分歧, 达成共识, 共同成长的。 她会回答任何你的问题. 例如如何面对学习生活压力, 如何与同学相处, 和任何其他关于高中的问题.


讲员简介:张雨珊是新泽西州劳伦斯维尔预科学校高四学生。她将进入RPI(伦斯勒理工学院)学习, 计划学习建筑学。她曾远离父母就读于在北京和奥布宁斯克,俄罗斯的寄宿学校. 她的母亲是廖冰女士--一位经验丰富的教育家,并担任新州父母子女教育俱乐部总顾问

时间: 2013年6月8日星期六,傍晚 6点30至9点
6:15 ~ 6:30pm: 注册
6:30 ~ 7:00pm: 为儿童才艺表演,欢迎您的孩子表演他们的才艺,请预先注册、准时到达;
7:00 ~ 9:00pm: 是专题讲座 ,

地点: 三彩藝術學院

地址: 802 US 1, Edison, NJ 08817 (Edison金门超市对过向南一点,1号路北向过Audi车行,在Standard Tile同一个停车场 )


活动组织者: 杨安妮,杨倩

联系人: 徐明 ( ***-***-8007, 黄敏(***-***-0332,, 徐蕾(***-***-4290,



The PCE Club presents the 115th Monthly Event:


A High School Graduate's Perspective On Her Journey

High school is one of the toughest times in your child's life. While still struggling to balance academics, athletics, and a social life, they also have the newly added pressures of college applications and the thought of their impending departure from home. For many parents, dealing with a teen in high school seems like a never-ending struggle - how can you seem supportive of their decisions while still making sure they are, indeed, making the right choices? How do you maintain a strong and meaningful relationship with your child, even with their inclinations to create their own lives away from you?

In this discussion, Shannon Zhang will speak about her experiences in high school and how her parents and she worked through their differences. Based on her own experiences, she will answer any questions parents may have regarding high school stress levels related to work, social life, etc, how students interact with each other in high school, and also questions regarding any other topics related to getting through high school.

In PCE Club 114th event, we will invite two seasoned Chinese teachers to share their unique experience of home schooling-- teaching Chinese at home. Their students achieve surprisingly high Chinese proficiency. Most importantly, they love Chinese learning.

About Shannon Zhang:

Shannon Zhang is a current senior at The Lawrenceville Prep School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. She will be attending RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) for college and is planning to study architecture. She attended boarding school without her parents in both Beijing and Obninsk, Russia, as a child. Her mother is Bonnie Liao, an experienced educator and advisor of the PCE Club.

When: Saturday, 06/8/2013
6:15 ~ 6:30pm: Registration and Socializing
6:30 ~ 7:00pm: "Kids Talent Show" program, please register your child if you would like your child to participate this program, come on time.
7:00 ~ 9:00pm: Seminar session
9:00 ~ 9:30pm: Wrap-up

Where: San Cai Arts Academy

802 US 1, Edison, NJ 08817 (Edison金门超市对过向南一点,1号路北向过Audi车行,在Standard Tile同一个停车场)

Fee:Free to PCE paid members, $10 per family otherwise

Event Organizers: Annie Yang, Qian Yang

Contact: Ming Xu( ***-***-8007,Min Huang(***-***-0332, ,Lei Xu (***-***-4290,

Child care service will be provided during the seminar session.


Parents and Children Education Club 父母子女教育俱乐部  

情商育儿 共同成长 2003-2023

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