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PCE Club - 第67次活动

2009/03/14 7PM

讨论如何选择最合适的大学与支付学费问题 欢迎你来参加父母儿童教育俱乐部的第67次活动,报名 本次会议讨论进大学与支付学费问题。

我们知道在市场上有许多进大学顾问和学校。他们将收费帮助您的孩子去最好的学校。越来越多的专业人士及家长意识到常规观念中的"理想大学"并不一定对孩子就合适因此,我们要了解大学,更要了解自己孩子对大学教育的需要. 无论是专业特长方面,还是个人素质方面.








地址: #1876 Rt.27, Edison , NJ 08817
会议从下午6点45分登记。下午7时00儿童才艺表演. 座位限50人,请尽早报名

联系电话 刘忠寿教师 (***-***-9015) ,王成文博士(***-***-8577)张颖婷女士(***-***-7731).

College entrance and college finance

PCE 64th Meeting

March 14, 2009

You are cordially invited to register for the Parent Child Education Club's 67th event, Please register to to This meeting concerns about the college entrance and college finance issues. We know there are many college entrance consultants in the market. They will charge a fee to help your children to go the best school. However the importance of this meeting is on "How do we feel the college entrance issue of our own children". We try to understand what is the best college which is for our own children.

This college for our children may not be ivy league college or famous or rich school. The point is what your children need. So it could be in engineering, business, even Arts or fashion design. We shall have speakers to share their experience in college entrance. Mr. Joseph Liu hosts the meeting. Speakers include Dr. Bonnie Liao, a school Principal, Ms. Ling Chuang. a college mom.

A group discussion will be followed after the speech. People will be divided to groups and discuss two topics "What is the best college for our children ?". " How can we pay the expensive college tuition and expenses?" Each group will have a representative to report on these two questions. A question and answer session may follow after discussions. Free for members. $10 charge for non-member.

Asian Culture center 1876 Route 27, Edison, NJ 08817.

Meeting starts from 6:45 PM as registration. 7:00pm as Children Talent Show.

Please register sooner due to seat is limited to 50 people.

Questions to Mr.Joseph Liu (***-***-9015), Dr. Wang Chengwen (***-***-8577) Ms Zhang Yingting (***-***-7731).


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