101st PCE Meeting Report by Allan Gou

Updated: Oct 13

author : Allan Gou

Date: 5/5/2012

Alan Gou

101st PCE Meeting Report

Now, before I begin, I must say for all of author Dinesh Sharma’s finely researched and argued theories on the ways in which Obama’s multicultural upbringing and background have shaped his adult life, personality, and political character, it only touched briefly the details that most interest us, as parents: what Obama’s life journey can teach parents about raising their own children. I ask you to bear with me, because in the multi-layered odyssey of our current President’s childhood lies quite a few lessons on parenting, hopefully most of which I have teased out and magnified in written form with enough finesse so that you, too, can incorporate them into your own parenting careers.


The United States of today is a far different Union than it was even just thirty years ago. Then, Washington represented the political heart of the world’s supreme and uncontested superpower, seemingly invincible, aloof and separate from the ravages of time and the world. Now, she finds herself sucked once more into a world on the verge of great and sweeping revolution; her moorings have become undone, her anchors unravel