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Selected Journal Article Citations on Effective Parenting

20 skills every parent needs to know. (cover story) By: Whitehouse, Beth. Family Life, Dec2000/Jan2001, p64, 4p, 9c; (AN 3877413)

A CROSS-CULTURAL EXAMINATION OF THE LINK BETWEEN CORPORAL PUNISHMENT AND ADOLESCENT ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR. By: Simons, Ronald L.; Chyi-In Wu; Kuei-Hsiu Lin; Gordon, Leslie; Conger, Rand D.. Criminology, Feb2000, Vol. 38 Issue 1, p47-79, 33p, 7 charts, 4 graphs; (AN 2950108)

A qualitative study exploring the experiences and views of mothers, health visitors and family support centre workers on the challenges and difficulties of parenting. By: Bloomfield, Linda; Kendall, Sally; Applin, Liz; Vicky Attarzadeh; Dearnley, Katie; Edwards, Louise; Hinshelwood, Linda; Lloyd, Pat; Newcombe, Teresa. Health & Social Care in the Community, Jan2005, Vol. 13 Issue 1, p46-55, 10p; DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2524.2005.00527.x; (AN 15416548)

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HTML Full Text

Meeting parents'' needs? Discourses of `support'' and inclusion in family policy. By: Gillies, Val. Critical Social Policy, Feb2005, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p70-90, 21p; (AN 15956959)

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Support Grantparents Who Raise Grandchildren. By: Curry, Vernessa E.; Aldridge, Jerry. Childhood Education, Fall2005, Vol. 82 Issue 1, p55-56, 2p; (AN 18658558)

The Effects of Parenting on the Development of Adolescent Alcohol Misuse: A Six-Wave Latent Growth Model. By: Barnes, Grace M.; Reifman, Alan S.; Farrell, Michael P.; Dintcheff, Barbara A.. Journal of Marriage & Family, Feb2000, Vol. 62 Issue 1, p175, 12p, 1 diagram, 1 graph; (AN 2819079)



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